Master the six principles of songwriting



What's included in the course?

24 Value Packed Modules - $300 VALUE


We've distilled almost everything there is to know about modern songwriting into this superior course so that you can learn how to write great songs without months and years of trial and error. You can expect each module to be stuffed with 5-10 minutes of no-nonsense songwriting secrets and principles used by professionals that will guide you to writing songs that will snatch your listeners' attention and keep them coming back for more!



To show you our appreciation we're throwing in a couple of gifts along with your purchase of Songwriting For Christians!

Advanced Harmony Course - $200 VALUE


We've thrown in an entire additional course on advanced harmony at the end of Songwriting For Christians! The eight modules included in this course will offer you a superior advantage to create the interest in your music that listeners want.

What you'll learn

  • How to write an inspiring lyric, even when you don’t initially feel inspired yourself
  • Six ways to make sure your song speaks to your audience
  • Where to find the right rhyming scheme 
  • What you should never do in a song (this may surprise you)
  • The truth about emotional impact In music
  • How to eliminate writers block and say goodbye to a trash can full of unusable drafts 

Meet your instructor...

Daniel Blomberg


Daniel Blomberg, cofounder of Blomberg Music Productions, is an arranger, producer, keyboardist, and songwriter with a revolutionary approach to music production. Having earned a music degree with an emphasis in commercial music, Daniel is a former music lecturer at the American University of Madaba, Jordan, and has taught these songwriting principles across three continents! 


Instead of fighting for fame and recognition in the traditional music industry, Daniel loves to bring professional music production within the reach of hobbyist songwriters. Several of his clients have had their songs played on radio stations such as FM 100.3, on Sounds of Sunday (KLCE), and a Special Recognition at the 2019 Annual Church Music Submission Awards.


In this course Daniel will be your mentor as you learn the exact model used by professional songwriters today.

Provo, UT

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