When you have a music or lyric idea, we give that idea the treatment it needs to be fully developed into a YouTube-ready song, ready to share with the world or just your loved ones - whatever fits your plans. Our workflow is always customized to your needs, but it usually contains some or all of these elements:


    If needed, we help you finish writing your music and lyrics. (If you write lyrics but not music, we can write the music for your lyrics, and vice versa. You retain full rights to the products of these collaborations.) We teach you how to structure your song for maximum impact.


    Where needed, we help you find fantastic musicians for your song, whether you need a vocalist, a pianist, a guitarist, a full band, a choir, or an orchestra. We work with you to tailor the production to your budget, so you always feel great about how your resources are allocated.


    The finishing touches of your recording are done to your specifications by an expert audio engineer.




    This is the final step if you want to go all the way to a YouTube-ready music production. Whether you just want a simple lyric video or a full-blown music video production, our videographers work with you to create the perfect solution.


    We work together with you in all the important planning decisions: which instruments to use, which musical style to choose, and how to manage the energy flow throughout your song to keep your listener's full attention until the end.



    We help you track your songs using the best sound libraries and recording technology. All audio recording is done using state-of-the-art equipment, by an expert audio engineer. We take particular care to stay true to your vision throughout the whole process.



    If you want others to be able to perform your songs from sheet music, we create beautiful and easy-to-read scores for you.




Whether you are ready to hit the record button today or just have some questions for us, the easiest way to get going is to schedule a free consultation.

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