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Have you been blessed with the gift of a song or music idea, but not sure how to bring it to life?


At Blomberg Music Productions, we are here to help you discover your inspired sound and share God’s love with the rest of the world.

God has blessed you with a creative spark, and you can feel it in the songs and poems that you write.

It’s our goal to help you realize that beautiful feeling and turn it into a professionally produced song for all to hear. Some of our hobbyist clients have been featured on the radio - is it your turn next?

As a full-service music production company, we are excited to now offer songwriting coaching and music production in Utah and surrounding areas.


Blomberg Music Productions is a full-service music production company specializing in professional music production, music enhancement and songwriting coaching for Christian writers seeking to inspire. As Latter-day Saint music producers, we understand and value the power of music in conveying God’s love to the world.

 Learn more about working with usmeet the team, or contact us for more information or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation or songwriting session with the team!

Meet The Team

Daniel Blomberg

Co-founder, Producer, Arranger, Keyboardist, Songwriter

Daniel is an arranger, producer, keyboardist and songwriter with a revolutionary approach to music production. Instead of fighting for fame and recognition in the traditional music industry, Daniel loves to bring professional music production within the reach of hobbyist songwriters. Daniel empowers them to use their unique musical and lyrical gifts to spread the joy and love of God. Some of our hobbyist client successes include radio play on Sunday Sounds (FM 100.3), on Sounds of Sunday (KLCE), and a Special Recognition at the 2019 Annual Church Music Submission Awards.

Daniel is most at home in inspirational music, orchestral pop, musical theatre, and older production styles.

Since Daniel was born and raised in Sweden, he decided to pick up a few more languages to be able to talk to the rest of us. Along with Swedish and English, he is fluent in French, Russian and Danish, and cheats (with varying levels of success) in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and German.

Daniel is a former music lecturer at the American University of Madaba, Jordan, and has lived, worked and performed in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Daniel and his wife Kathryn are the parents of five children.


Kathryn Blomberg


Kathryn is the spiritual anchor of the company. In addition to keeping Daniel grounded daily, she makes sure all long-term decisions are considered in the light of how to best follow God’s will. Kathryn is also a vocalist, and she makes sure the next generation of Blombergs get plenty of chances to serve through music, for example through the annual Blomberg Family Singers Musical Advent Calendar. Aside from music, Kathryn is also an avid artist and gardener – when she gets the chance, she’s out in the backyard faster than you can say “Vart tog min beskärningskniv vägen?”

Dave Zimmerman

Producer, Engineer

Since founding Noisebox Studios in 2006, Dave has amassed both a very enthusiastic clientele and 18 Billboard chartings (and counting) along the way. Among many others, he has done work for GENTRI, Madilyn Paige, Lexi Walker, and The Gardiner Sisters. Dave and Daniel met as music majors in college, and share fond memories of an infamous all-nighter for a student project that may or may not have turned out really well…

In the process of working on literally thousands of songs, Dave has created a special atmosphere that makes Noisebox Studios one of our favorite places on Earth. Dave and his wife Kirty are the parents of five children.

Allie Gardner 

Vocalist, Arranger, Social Media Marketer 

Allie is a recording artist, vocal coach,  songwriter, music arranger, and a former member of BYU's Premiere Female  A cappella group Noteworthy. Allie performs in both English and Spanish (and pretty much any other language as well). She has a stupendously wide vocal range, and we occasionally enjoy pushing it to its limits (like having her record all the soprano I through alto II parts for a difficult choral passage – that was fun!). Allie’s voice is great for inspirational music, pop, musical theatre, R&B, country, classical style – you name it, she delivers. We also love that she brings her whole Christian soul to every recording – it makes such a difference when God is at the center of all we do.

She was married to her sweetheart, Zach on April 27th, 2019! They are as happy as can be! 

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James Stevens


Vocalist, Producer, Arranger, Songwriter

James is widely recognized for his eight years as musical director for the a cappella group Vocal Point. Under his leadership, the group took fifth place in NBC’s “The Sing-Off” and first place in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. James’s arrangement of “Nearer My God To Thee” for Vocal Point, where he is lead vocalist, arranger and co-producer, has over 22 million YouTube views.

James and Daniel met in college, where James was the assistant to the program director of the media music program. Despite James’s workload, Daniel managed to get his vocals on several projects, including one in James’s home studio that ended around 5 am… oh, the memories.

As a vocalist, James’s smooth tenor voice covers the whole range from the super-soft to the epic. As a producer, he is as comfortable with intimate vocal productions as with huge orchestral arrangements. James and his wife Chelsea are the parents of four children.

Kristen Bodine Scott


Kristen’s amazing alto voice lends itself to everything from pop to Broadway, jazz, easy listening and inspirational music. Kristen is a former member of the a cappella group Noteworthy, with whom she gained notoriety for her solo in Noteworthy’s cover of “When You Believe”. She has also done work for Shawna Edwards, including Shawna’s Easter anthem “Risen”. Kristen showed up for a last-minute need on a Saturday recording session, and wowed our client and the whole team with her voice and personality. She has been on our call list ever since.

When Kristen isn’t in the studio, she is likely teaching voice lessons, playing soccer or hanging out with her husband Chandler.






This is where the fun begins. During our first session, we spend most of our time getting your song ready for the studio. This is where we decide on the structure and style, make sure the Six Principles of Songwriting are taken into consideration (ask us for details), write additional music as needed, and make sure we are ready to go into the recording studio.


This is where most of the magic happens! The arranger/producer, the engineer, and any additional musicians you decide on, create the song in the studio, one instrument and one voice at a time. It is a truly amazing experience that we never get tired of!



This is when the mixing engineer creates the final soundscape: adjusting levels between instruments, adding reverb (which regulates the up-close vs far-away feeling of each instrument), and many other details.



If you would like sheet music so other people can easily perform your song, we are happy to create a professional music score for you.

Music Video

If you would like a music video to help you promote your song, we work with excellent videographers.

Basic Marketing Setup

We help you get a music website up and get your songs submitted to streaming services like YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music etc.

Sheet Music

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Our phone hours are 9am-5pm MT, Monday through Friday. If we don’t pick up, please send a text or leave a voice message and we will respond within 24 hours, often faster.

Call or text: 801-326-9148


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I’ve worked with Daniel producing 2 of my songs. He is nothing short of a musical genius! His instincts are so on point. It’s just a bonus that he’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!

— Colleen Solomon, Ontario, Canada


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